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Frontend Developer and Consultant

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Hi, I’m Hannes.
I’m a frontend developer and consultant.

Working on web related projects for over 10 years I went through the ups and downs of project management, client requirements, technical dept and internal communication. Nowadays this experience helps me to analyse requirements from the beginning and help clients to achieve better results.

Working in SCRUM / Kanban driven projects over the last years I understood that Waterfall never was a good way to approach software projects. So I mediate between departments, teams and people to make sure that everybody is understanding each other and is working towards an optimal solution.

I do development, ui/ux (concept), consulting and passing on my experience to others. I’d love to help you and get involved. Just let me know.


This site is build with Sass, Foundation.

But tools are just tools. It is important to chose the tools which are best for your project. That's why I keep myself informed about the latest technologies and add new ones to my stack if needed.