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Frontend Developer and Consultant


  • CRM Factory (MCON)

    • Improve xcode builds 2016

      To sort our issues of building our Cordova apps for OSX I utilised the concept of to create a better process to handle our certs, provisioning profiles and the app-build itself.
      match handles the certs and provisioning profiles, gym is building the ipa-file, fastlane is linking everything together and uploads the final build to HockeyApp.

      In the future we will be able to easily share certain profiles among the team members and lock others away in a secure way.

    • Fairgarage static pages via AWS 2015

      Different static pages hosted on AWS utilzing S3, Lambda, EC2, API Gateway and other services. I took care of setting up the services and connecting everything.

    • VWNMS VRent booking app v2 2015

      In the second phase of this project I focused on frontend ops, CI and deployment. Using xcode to manually create builds for iOS apps can take up a lot of time. I utilized gulp to create multiple tasks to handle the setup and build of the app via Cordova. From nothing to a downloadable app on HockeyApp without any manual work.